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Integrative Pain Management

Enjoy Relief with Integrative Pain Management Near Cedar Park, TX

People who live with chronic pain often turn to opioid based medications that can be devastating to their health. Instead, why not try integrative pain management near Cedar Park, TX with the team at Opus Wellness Center? We offer a range of solutions that are individualized to the unique needs of the patients, and can target trouble areas of the body to deliver effective relief that lasts. We offer both prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections depending on your specific needs.

Reduce Aches and Pains in Any Area of the Body

The goal of integrative pain management near Cedar Park, TX with Opus Wellness Center is to promote natural healing throughout the body. We target areas such as the knees, ankles, feet, back and other areas of the body using PRP and prolotherapy that leverage the innate healing abilities of the body to promote restoration and rejuvenation. Reduce the symptoms of pain while adding strength and mobility to joints and tendons, and experience lasing relief that improves quality of life. Our team can help you make the decision about whether PRP or prolotherapy is right for you.

Schedule an Appointment for Integrative Pain Management Near Cedar Park, TX Today

Why live in pain when you can receive effective treatments? Integrative Pain Management near Cedar Park, TX offered by Opus Wellness Center is designed to help you live a happier and healthier life. For more, call us today at (512) 593-8443.

What is Regenerative Injection Therapy?

Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT) treats musculoskeletal problems due to overuse and injuries by injecting nutritive substances into the body and joints. This provides the building blocks to heal and regenerate tissue.

Good For:

Knee injuries

Foot and ankle pain

Rotator cuff tendinitis


TMJ dysfunction


Back pain

Alternative to long-term opioid use


Improves the connection and stability of joints eliminating pain.

Stimulates the growth of new tissue and helps create more of a
cushion between the joints.

Helps signal the body that something is wrong so that it will direct resources to heal.

Type of Regenerative Injection Therapies:


It works by injecting a diluted form of glucose solution into a tendon or ligament attachment site.

This will signal the healing immune response and provide
nourishment to the area.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP):

It works by injecting a concentrated solution of your own platelets, which have tissue growth factors, into the damaged area.

These growth factors recognize your damaged or diseased area to stimulate regeneration directly.

Since the graft can have 6 times the concentration of your own platelets and healing factors, it helps accelerate tissue regeneration.

Regenerative Injection Therapy
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